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Are you afraid of aging or do you embrace it?

What you fear will find you.

What you embrace will transform you.

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 I'm Laurie Langcastor

Midlife Aging Strategist

Author of

I've helped and inspired 1000's of midlife women who feel invisible, lumpy, lethargic, lost and full of aging dread to transform into visible, vibrant, confident, healthy, recalibrated visions of themselves!


Why? Because I'm you and I get it. Women like us want change. We aren't going to sit quietly anymore. We aren't going to be ignored and we will no longer ignore ourselves. 

Helping so many women overcome their fears after hiding in secret for so long and pretending like a Stepford wife, fuels my passion every day.

Before I dedicated myself to helping women say adios to antiquated BS (belief systems) about themselves and aging, I was a Love guru (think Mike Meyers without the facial hair or accent!),and before that a media broadcaster. (At age 19 the first female top 40 dj at one of the biggest radio stations in North America)

I spent a lot of my life being "too young" until one day someone told me that I was "too old". 

Really??????? I decided that I was going to  figure out this whole Aging thing. I wanted a real solution, not an expensive cream or another self help book. Not a possible solution to how awful and invisible and discarded and fearful women after 50 feel, but a sure thing. 

So I created The Shameless Aging Revolution. I gave it all my time, all my heart and most of my money. There were many long nights listening to Barry Manilow, drinking red wine and researching.  You'd be surprised how inspiring Barry is.....but I digress. All this while raising 3 sons by myself.  Was it worth it? Every second, as I'm incrediably proud of the transformation and the results that happen for my Shameless Sisters.


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The Shameless Aging Revolution's Mission is to create a better experience for women in midlife through our education programs and awareness initiatives.

We do that with our proven transformational system delivered through our membership site, podcast broadcasts, on-line courses and live events.

We are committed to changing how the world sees aging women by creating products and services that help women change how they see themselves.


Laurie Langcastor

Speaker/Midlife Aging Strategist

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